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File: docs/_sources/api/atk4/core/FactoryTrait.rst.txt
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.. rst-class:: phpdoctorst

.. role:: php(code)
	:language: php


.. php:namespace:: atk4\core

.. php:trait:: FactoryTrait

		`vendor/atk4/core/src/FactoryTrait.php#5 <>`_


.. php:attr:: public static _factoryTrait

	.. rst-class:: phpdoc-description
		| Check this property to see if trait is present in the object\.
		`vendor/atk4/core/src/FactoryTrait.php#12 <>`_
	:Type: bool 


.. rst-class:: public

	.. php:method:: public mergeSeeds( $seed, $seed2, ...$more_seeds)
		.. rst-class:: phpdoc-description
			| Given two seeds \(or more\) will merge them, prioritizing the first argument\.
			| If object is passed on either of arguments, then it will setDefaults\(\) remaining
			| arguments, respecting their positioning\.
			| See full documentation\.
			`vendor/atk4/core/src/FactoryTrait.php#27 <>`_
			* **$seed** (array | object | mixed)  
			* **$seed2** (array | object | mixed)  
			* **...$more_seeds** (array)  

		:Returns: object | array if at least one seed is an object, will return object

.. rst-class:: public

	.. php:method:: public factory( $seed, $defaults=\[\], $prefix=null)
		.. rst-class:: phpdoc-description
			| Given a Seed \(see doc\) as a first argument, will create object of a corresponding
			| class, call constructor with numerical arguments of a seed and inject key/value
			| arguments\.
			| Argument $defaults has the same effect as the seed, but will not contain the class\.
			| Class is always determined by seed, except if you pass object into defaults\.
			| To learn more about mechanics of factory trait, see documentation
			`vendor/atk4/core/src/FactoryTrait.php#112 <>`_
			* **$seed** (mixed)  
			* **$defaults** (array)  
			* **$prefix** (string)  Optional prefix for class name

		:Returns: object 

.. rst-class:: public

	.. php:method:: public normalizeClassName( $name, $prefix=null)
		.. rst-class:: phpdoc-description
			| First normalize class name, then add specified prefix to
			| class name\. Finally if $app is defined, and has method
			| \`normalizeClassNameApp\` it will also get a chance to
			| add prefix\.
			| Rules observed, in order:
			|  \- If class starts with "\." then prefixing is always done\.
			|  \- If class contains "\\" prefixing is never done\.
			|  \- If class \(with prefix\) exists, do prefix\.
			|  \- don\'t prefix otherwise\.
			| Example: normalizeClassName\(\'User\', \'Model\'\) == \'Model\\User\';
			| Example: normalizeClassName\(Test\\User::class, \'Model\'\) == \'Test\\User\'; \# or as per "use"
			| Example: normalizeClassName\(\'Test/User\', \'Model\'\) == \'Model\\Test\\User\';
			| Example: normalizeClassName\(\'\./User\', \'Model\'\) == \'Model\\User\';
			| Example: normalizeClassName\(\'User\', \'Model\'\) == \'Model\\User\'; \# if exists, \'User\' otherwise
			| \# If used without namespace:
			| Example: normalizeClassName\(User::class, \'Model\'\) == \'Model\\User\'; \# if exists, \'User\' otherwise
			`vendor/atk4/core/src/FactoryTrait.php#198 <>`_
			* **$name** (string)  Name of class
			* **$prefix** (string)  Optional prefix for class name

		:Returns: string Full, normalized class name

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