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How You Can Buy the PHP elephant for Sale in 2018 - The elePHPant, the PHP Mascot

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Millions of PHP developers around the world are eager to have one PHP elePHPant, the mascot of PHP because it is a symbol of a language that we all love to program and made many of us happy for allowing us to earn honest money from our work developing PHP Web sites and mobile applications for customers.

However, this PHP mascot is hard to find when you want to buy one because producing these mascots is a complicated process.

The good news is that we are about to fix this problem. Thanks to the collaboration of several people, we are getting ready to start producing batches of PHP elePHPants in different countries at affordable prices, which can arrive to you soon. But we need your colaboration.

Read this article to learn how you can help to get elePHPants to your and your local PHP community soon and also can help PHP 8 come out faster with your collaboration.

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What is the PHP elePHPant?

ElePHPant is the correct name for the PHP mascot. Usually is a mascot built as a plush toy that is a blue elephant with the PHP symbol inside.

Who Created the elePHPant PHP Mascot Design?

The elePHPant was created by Vincent Pointier in 2001 based on an idea that he had in 1999 for a word that combined elephant with PHP. Therefore he created the word elePHPant. That is the correct name for the PHP mascot that he created and we all love and want to have at least one.

How You Can Buy the PHP elephant for Sale in 2018 - The elePHPant, the PHP Mascot

The Elephpant Buy Challenge and How to Produce Them

Producing mascots is a complex process. Let me list the steps here:

1. We need to obtain the permission from the creator Vincent Pointier to produce them honoring his rights as the author of the work of designing the mascot.

2. We need to seek factories that can produce the mascot at affordable prices so we can distribute them at prices that those that want the elePHPants can afford.

3. We need to build and send models of the elePHPants to produce to those factories.

4. A prototype is produced by the factory so we can look and see if it is ready for mass production.

5. We need to have the elePHPant tested and certified by the local authorities to comply with safety requirements, so they can have labels that certify they have gone through all the necessary tests.

6. We need to pay them factories to have the produced in quantity that is enough for them that they accept to produce at a low cost. Some factories require a minimum order of 500 elePHPants. Otherwise, they do not do it.

7. We need to advertise the elePHPants to take orders before we can ship them to you or eny other PHP developer or enthusiast that wants to pay for the elePHPant and the shipping costs.

8. We need to take orders and have them paid before shipping.

9. We need to take care of any export requirements in case we send them to other countries, as the local authorities may need to check if the products being shipped comply with the safety requirements of the country.

10. We need to ship the orders with an insurance to be able to recover the the money that was paid for the production of the elePHPant and the shipping costs, just in case the parcel is lost in transit to the destination address.

How You Can Help to Get Your elePHPant Faster and Even Help PHP 8 to be Developed Sooner?

As you may see from the steps that are necessary to have a simple elePHPant reach to you in good conditions as you wish, it is a complicated process.

The good news is that Manuel Lemos and several other partners around the world are willing to go through this to make sure you will be happy when your elePHPant arrives.

Here follow several things you need to do to help us to achieve this as soon as possible.

1. Express Interest to Get elePHPants for You and Your Local PHP Community

We need to know how many elePHPants we need to produce to reduce the production costs.

If you would like to have your own elePHPant just fill out a short form of interest, so we can figure how many we need to produce.

If you belong to a local user group in your region, ask your user group colleagues, if they also want to get their own because it is less expensive to ship many elePHPants at once.

You can express your interest by going in this submit this elePHPants interest form.

2. Help Designing the elePHPant with Customizations for You or for Your PHP User Group

ElePHPants may be produced with customizations, like different color combinations or even include user group logos, or other details that you may like.

Changes to the original elePHPant design will need to be approved by Vincent Pointier, the creator of the original design.

When you order an elePHPant you will be able to request that it has any customizations.

3. Spread the Word About How all PHP Developers Can Get Their elePHPants

If you liked this initiative you can help telling other PHP developers that you know to come here and also express the interest to get their own elePHPants.

4. Reward the Creator of the PHP elePHant for a Great Design Work

As mentioned above, Vicent Pointier authorized to create new elePHPants as long as he receives an amount to pay him as royalties fee for each elePHPant that is sold. The fee is fair and deserved because after all he had a lot of work to create his elePHPant design that we all love.

5. Fund PHP 8 Development to Make it Come Out Faster

The PHP language engine is developed by skilled core developers that are very talented and technically skilled.

Most of the work done in the PHP engine is written in C. Great part of the software developers do not know how to write C code. So there are not many developers that are capable of contributing to the PHP language development.

However, since a few years ago there is this initiative by which a company can help funding the development of the PHP engine by paying for the time to develop the PHP engine.

Therefore, for every elePHPant that will be delivered you will be able to pay an additional fee that will be used to pay for the work of additional developers that may work on future PHP 8 features of your choice.

If you are interested to know more about some possible features of PHP 8, you may want to read this article.

Tell us About Your Interest to Find Your Elephant for Sale Now

So, now it is up to you, if you want to get an elePHPant and you are a PHP developer that is grateful for the work that many PHP developers contributed for free and want to thank them, all you need to do is to submit this PHP elePHPant interest form and let other PHP developers know about it.

Once we collect the answers from this form we will be able to make important decisions like determining how many elePHPants can be produced, so you can get yours as fast as possible without paying too much for them.

Let us all do the best we can to help this great developer community that is the PHP community, so PHP has a long life.

Please help sharing this article so you can be happier enjoying your own elePHPant in your desk and helping the community to make PHP even better, faster and sooner.

How You Can Buy the PHP elephant for Sale in 2018 - The elePHPant, the PHP Mascot

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